Introduce yourself!

  • Who are you?
    I’m Anju, 28-year-old American building a new walkway toward my dream lazy future where I do absolutely nothing but read, milk cows and eat the food I cook.
  • Where are you learning from?
    Codecademy, specifically Miami, FL.
  • Are you a student, teacher, or parent?
  • What are you learning on Codecademy?
  • What are you teaching on Codecademy?
    Absolutely nothing, (yet, maybe?)
  • What makes you most excited when thinking about learning to code?
    I naturally think in systems and processes… is this typical of a guy? I don’t know. I’m honestly looking to learn because… learning is the point of evolution.
  • Have you built a cool project you’d like to share with us?
    Not yet

Hi, I am David, I am currently from Seattle, WA. I’m a person who has a computer science degree and attained a nanodegree from Udacity… I had re-subscribed to codecademy to sharpen my skills. I need to take my skills further and make a job change from cook to Full Stack Engineer. I have a built a few things through lessons and projects I have worked on through college and online sources. I would like to meet or have some guidance on what I need to do next or level up my skills with some help to finally get the job I have been searching for.