Introduce yourself!

Hey folks,
I’m Steven and I’ve been coding for a couple of months. I’m enrolled in a full-stack developer bootcamp which comes with a job guarantee upon completion. Therefore, I have quit my job so I can devote myself to this full time. I’m British but I’m living in Vietnam as my wife is from here. We’re hoping to return to the UK next year.
Anyway, it would be amazing to get to know some people here and collaborate on some interesting projects. If that interests you, please feel free to get in touch.

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I forget if one of us has posted here before . . . we are the Sinner System. Usually Meg N is fronter here.
Host: either Meg N (age 19, pronouns she/her) or Cloud (age ??, pronouns she/her)
Known Alters: MØNØ (age 13, pronouns he/it/they/voi/fae/be), Socrates (age ??, pronouns he/him), Little One (age 3-6, pronouns he/they), The Voice (everything unknown), Dirty One (age 18-21, pronouns she/they)
About Us: MØNØ is fronter rn. We’re Canadian. Cloud/Meg N was learning front end developing but quit cuz of the anxiety. But I wanted to start again so we could self-publish our poetry :point_down:

Hi! My name is Kyle Wardlow. I’m learning from home in Niles, Michigan.

I’m a forever student as I’m always learning something new as a result of being a bit of a geek and having massive ADHD. The amount of hobbies and projects that I have 5% done is…slightly embarrassing, but my drive to take a sharp turn in my career toward something a lot more profitable is what has me on my education journey in the current moment.

I’m working on the Codecademy Full-Stack Engineer career path while also taking other courses here for other stacks that may be valuable to know in my coming job-search.

I’m very excited to learn how to build things myself and help others in building and maintaining their dream projects.

The most recent project I worked on in my career path course was my favorite one so far, I built a reminder and self-development bot for myself from the Mixed Messages project (viewable here: SelfDevBot by Kyle Wardlow)

Happy Coding, Y’all and I’ll see you around here!

Very happy to add to this post, the fact that I am now successfully running a tech dev shop from New Delhi, India. Enjoying the science & art of building solutions for the real world. Exploring and absorbing new domains, and problem statements that come with. Anyone reading this, keep going, be focussed. It’s not easy on all days, but it isn’t hard either.

Persistence -> going on exploratory learning errands -> returning to the stack -> achieving goals -> repeating

Keep in touch for motivation or help that I maybe able to provide. Smart lines of code, written by ethical and intelligent beings is shaping our future. If you have the ethics and intelligence to contribute to the world, learning to code is kinda your duty :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I’m Elena from Germany. I have started my coding journey a week ago, and so far I’m loving it. Can’t stop studying and feeling like a sponge that wants to soak everything up there is to know about coding :nerd_face: Just by coincidence during my thoughts about switching my profession as a teacher I have stumbled upon coding, and thought why not give it a shot. And now I’m hooked. I am planning to become a backend developer, but let’s see where this journey will take me. I’m especially happy that two friends of mine believe in me that they have offered to let me code their professional webpages. So here I am, having my first two real life projects to work on while learning to code, and experiment with it.
Looking forward to meet everyone here at codecademy :raised_hands: :brain: :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

oh and also, my first question: can someone please help me to change my username? :pray:t4: :innocent: The instruction that I have found via google and the search on codecademy unfortunately didn’t help. Don’t know why I can’t edit it :woman_shrugging:t4: :grimacing:

Hello, I’m Amber from Florida, US. I just started coding last week :sweat_smile:. I finally made the commitment to learn and stick it through. Right now, I am learning from home and would love to be a part of a group to study with. I would be nice to have someone to tag team with and talk to about accomplishments and failures. Currently, I am an educator and I am trying to transition out of my field (Wish Me Luck!) :face_in_clouds:

I selected to the full stack engineer and started learning the basics of HTML and CSS. I wrote some sick notes for reference. I want to utilize what I have learned to create a phenomenal website that can be both a portfolio but also a flagship for my other passions. I am extremely excited and anxious to get to where I need to go.

Hello ! I’m Angelo from Italy. I’m here to study python and some its applications in scientific sectors.I hope to learn here also from other buddies ! See you.