Introduce yourself!

Hallo. Im Kerim from Merv, Turkmenistan. I am learning React. And also looking forward to learn Python. This is very exciting. And have small issue with my courses> When I try to continue my course. It does not start where as I stopped. I will be glad if you fix my problem…

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Hi my name is Damion I’m in school and I’m try to do web Development and more I’m taking JavaScript and going to HTML and Python and try to do c++

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Hi, everyone!

I am a newbie, and I am happy that I finally made my way here.
My name is Marcia; I was born and raised in Brazil, and I moved to the US ten years ago to the west coast town called San Diego - CA.

I am passionate about learning and anything to do with improving the concept of remote education. I think education better serves its purpose when made available affordably and efficiently.
I just finished my CompTIA A+ course and headed to this platform to keep on learning.
In the past, I built an Android app as a training project(community college) when I learned a little bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I feel like the full-stack engineer path would be a good start for me, but I have to say that I am not quite sure about it. I guess I will find out soon, right?
I intend to follow the suggested structure that goes along with the full stack path and correlated skills.
I liked a lot some of the “Free Advice” given by @shaylin

As I start this journey, the goal I have in mind is to create something educational that many others could benefit from it.

I am looking forward to connecting.

Happy Coding, guys!


Hey guys! I’m still new here. I’m Manar from Egypt I’m currently taking the cs101 course and the full stack course. I would love to learn web development and website buildings. I would love to make new friends who are learning so we can learn together so hmu :slight_smile: :smiley: have a nice day

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Hi :slight_smile: I’m Michael from UK. I have spent most of my career working as registered adult nurse and am looking to learn a new job that is not so physically demanding now i’m in my 30’s and want to learn what I can about programming without going and doing another degree!

I’m totally new to programming and coding, so it’s going to be a long journey but looking forward to it, one step at a time.

Have fun and see some of you around!



i’m cassie, coming from columbus, ohio. at the moment, i’m taking the front-end engineer path. i’m working on html and css right now, and i’m loving it so far. i’m a coding newbie, but i find it fun so i’m looking forward to learning more! :>


i’m learning full stack engineer path, but in a future i will probably focus more on the back end. i’m currently working on marketing but fell in love a few months ago with coding and this solving problem related job
greetings from spain


Hi guys!

I’m Jimy, from France.

I currently work as a… webmaster or something like that (basically I create websites on WordPress for clients).
I wanna learn more about web development to become a full-stack web developer.
I’m also very interested in Data Science so it’ll be my next course I think!

Can’t wait to start my first lesson so I’ll stop my introduction here, but I’ll be glad to chat with you! :slight_smile:


Hello, Im crazymuddyfunster. Im learning from Codecademy at my laptop. Im a big fan of the Matrix Trilogy. I absolutely love creating stuff like webpages and mini applications. At the moment, Im building a webpage which I`ve so nearly finished. Codecademy is one of my most favorite, go-to websites. I wish all my fellow community members all the best into the cyberspace and on their coding journey. Happy Coding!!


Hi! I’m a student from Europe. I’m learning C++ at the moment. I’m learning to code because I love the idea of creating something. I haven’t built a project here yet.


hello everyone. I’m Maya, mom of two kids, currently live in UK and finally following my all time passion which was coding. I’ve finished python course and more than half way through data science path. I’m enjoying learning here in Codecademy but I’m going rather slow due to not having solid study time. I need to build my portfolio and github account strong enough to be able to apply for data analysis or ideally data science roles. looking forward to see other’s projects to be shared here to get ideas and inspirations.


Hello, my name is Jakob. I am studying computer science. I was going to school to obtain my ARNP license. I fell in love with programming and left the medical field to pursue becoming a software engineer. I hope you all accomplish your dreams! Life is short, so get after it!! Much love.


Hi everyone. My name’s Manny. I’m a computer science student from Texas. I’m currently learning full-stack development to broaden my portfolio and increase the range of jobs that I can work in. I love the power that code gives me to translate my ideas into meaningful/interactive applications.


Hi, I’m Paul. I’m currently studying the full stack course as part of a traineeship. I currently work in IT support but after 20 years its time for a change hopefully. I find programming challenging and rewarding and I’m learning loads on this course. Good luck and happy coding everyone.


Hi everyone! My name is Marianne and I’m from Quebec, Canada. I’m learning game development on my own and decided to subscribe to this site to really master C#, the language used for making games on Unity. I’ve always loved games, but in these last few months, since I’ve been learning to make games, I realized that coding is amazingly fun to me! I’ve been a secretary my whole life, but I would love a change in career. I’m really motivated to learn as much as I can about C# to make my own games, and I’m also thinking of studying to become a front-end engineer.


Hi this is Rubi. I am currently learning python as a part of an on-job training from eduhelphub. Codeacademy has been really helpful for this. Currently pursuing the Learn Python 3 course, and tbh for a novice like me, it has been really good in building up the core foundation

Hello everyone, this is Jun from Singapore. I am currently taking the full stack engineer course and am about 1% into it currently. I hope everyone enjoys their learning in Codecademy and I also look forward to making some friends here! cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, my name is Reginald Devarel, but yall can call me Reggie. I’m learning from Richmond Virginia, born and raised. I’m a graduate student from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College with an Associates an Information Systems Technology and a certificate in Web Development. But after graduating, I feel under fed knowledgably, as many employers require you to know all these programs such as Javascript, JReact, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, and many more, which is way more than what college offered, which was just an HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap Course. I’ve decided on going to go on the full on Front-End Developer Course here on Codeacademy, with maybe some learnings of Python and PHP. What excites me the most about learning here on Codeacedemy is looking forward to the future when I can successfully get a good job, and look back at some of my accomplishments in life, and adding “Successfully teaching yourself programming languages without the paying for more institution or college tuition, while working a dead-end part time, and dealing with family, all while in your 20s” as one of them!
I do have a personal website project that’s not finished, I was going to use this to show future employers what I’m capable of, but I’m confident that after spending time on Codeacademy, I’ll be capable of much more.

But anyways I’m looking forward to joining the community and I hope I bare productive fruits from this pathway.



I’m Andy. I’m currently based in London, from Edinburgh originally. I joined Codeacademy because I’m considering a career change, though it was roleplaying that first got me interested in JavaScript. Roleplaying is usually an in person hobby, but because of the pandemic, I’ve been using a virtual tabletop program called Foundry VTT instead. I’d love to be able to write systems and modules for it, which requires knowledge of web development.

I’m working my way through the full stack career path at the moment.


Hello everybody!
I’m Marco and I write from Italy! Had a growing interest in coding in the past few months and here I am. I’m learning python to start exploring the materia. I’m a real estate advisor and I do want to learn coding for a few things I’d like to create and use in my workflow. I don’t exclude a change of career in a far future. We’ll see, good job everybody meanwhile!