Introduce a new cource that teaches C++

Hi there, me and my friends are wanting to learn C++. Unfortunately, this site does not have C++ course. I really like this site, they way it teaches programming and all that but I really wish that C++ would by taught in CodeCademy. Please implement C++ thank you :smile:

i am afraid you will have to find another site for now, there are so many request of different languages + frameworks, and it takes time to write such a course

Oh ok then thanks then, in that case could you suggest me an alternative site, please thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hey Joe,

You can vote for C++ to be added over on the Course Poll :slight_smile:

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Hi there, @stetim94 Do you know any other site that is interactive, not just a textbook, like CodeCademy? Thanks :smile:

Thanks my friend I have voted for C++

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@teraplayer92635 You might like Treehouse or Code School. I’m not sure if either of them teaches C++ though, and they’re both paid.

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By the way, do you have any idea as to when will C++ be implemented?

No clue whatsoever, sorry. If I ever get a date for it, I’ll try to pass it along to you, though :slight_smile:

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Thanks but the problem is that they don’t teach C++ Thanks for the help though :smile:

Thanks my friend :smile:

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Why do you need an inertactive tutorial? there is one, but i need some time to find it. You can just install a compiler and run the programs on your computer