Intro to UI and UX Beta

Welcome to the beta test for Intro to UI and UX!

Why take this course?
UI and UX Design is a relatively new field that has boomed in recent years. Engineers depend heavily on the work of both UI and UX designers to help determine the flow of a particular product and how the product will look. UI and UX Design presents a great opportunity to expand into a code-related field and bring in learners with different goals.

To that end allow me to introduce @jiwon.shin and @lucwhite who worked to create this course. They’re here to answer any questions you have.

As a reminder you can find an explanation of the process for beta testing here.


I feel like the image below isn’t the best because when you are first brainstorming a brand new project idea you haven’t launched anything to brainstorm off of.

Thanks for your input! I see what you’re saying, but I think that the point of it being cyclical is very important. Even if an individual or company has never launched anything to brainstorm off of themselves, in design (and any field, really) there’s still a huge amount of work in the area to research, be inspired by, and base new ideas off of.

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Got it. Mabey put in the text of the lesson something like Even if you haven't launched anything you can still base it off of other designs.

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Just finished the course and I like it all but 1 thing. When signing up for a Figma account you should put at the top that signing up for the free edu plan with CC is not required instead of at the bottom. (I spent like 10-15 min trying to figure it out until I noticed that). And when signing up for the free EDU plan what are we supposed to put for expected graduation date. Or are we supposed to choose Educator?

Thanks for these notes! I’ll pass them along to the team :grinning:

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What about when signing up for Figma EDU? Say you are a teacher or student. And if a student what should we put as the graduation date.

We’ll be adding the following text to address this:

When signing up for an Education Plan as a student, Figma will ask for a graduation date. To err on the safe side, we recommend putting a date around a year from today. There’s also an option to renew your Education plan later on if you find that you need it after completing this course!

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