Intro to Ruby - Variable.3


I am entirely new to this, 0 background. I am just making blind attempts to get the answers right, I am struggling to set it up right. "my_num=value25" ?? but the glossary has other instructions that I do not quite understand. Any recommendation where I can get some reading material how to set up the proper ruby commands?


well if you say that "my_num" = "value25" I think I've found your problem.

my_num = 25

The lesson is pretty straight forward. It tells you to do something and then you basically play "Simon says" with it.


ha - thanks yeah learning as a go. cheers


Just note that you need to follow the instructions also. So in lesson "3. Variables" Which is the lesson I believe you to be referring to. You need to make the following:

my_num = 100


i don't understand what you want to say