Intro to python.

Birthday party invitation
I can’t seem to get my code to work right. can anyone help?
Exercise goal: Practice using and printing strings.

Help us finish our birthday party invitation.

So far, we have 3 variables: name, location, and time. We print one sentence using the name variable.

Your job:

Finish the card by printing when and where the party is, using the location and time variables to piece together the string:

“The party will be at ____ and starts at ____.”

Add your print statement below the existing code, on line 6.
name = “Jessica”
location = “Grendel’s Cupcake Den”
time = “7:30pm”

print("You are invited to a birthday party for " + name)
print("The party will be at " + location "and starts at " + time)

You’re missing a + sign after variable location and a space after next quotes

Correct line should look like

print("The party will be at " + location + " and starts at " + time)
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You are a fantastic human! thank you for your quick response and expertise!

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