Intro to programming project "Day of the races"

Hi everyone,

I am struggling to complete the intro to programming in R ’ Day of the races’ project I have been over the functions in R article and still cannot seem to make sense of the project. Can anyone offer me any tips or point me in the direction of additional resources please.



I think there’s an edX course that you can audit for free on R and it they give you their textbook in pdf format for free. It’s not bad.

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Same here, I also struggled with this project a few weeks ago, still don’t know where to begin.

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The project does not seem to be well done.

I previously went through multiple projects in the Javascript language and most projects would provide console feedback which helped you identify what was going wrong.

This does not exist in the R data analysis course project and I ended up setting up R studio. When I copied and pasted the project material into the console R studio’s console provided the feedback I needed to move on but I’m still struggling.

Hey there, I’m struggling with this one too. Trying to do the step 4 bonus to create a loop for the print_information and can’t seem to figure it out. Let me know if you find some solutions.

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Heya - you should be able to see the solution code for this project now. I hear what y’all are saying about the R projects not being the best experience because we don’t show error messages. It’s a bit complicated as to why that’s happening, but I’ll flag it to our engineers as something that would be an amazing update for the R content. If you’re frustrated with running the projects on Codecademy, I suggest taking the starter code and working in RStudio like web1237052719 did.

Hey Alex! Thank for the update!

For this particular project (Day of the races), I found the results not being printed even when I run the codes directly copied from the solution. Worked fine up till the find_place() exercise. Is this a bug or is it me doing something wrong?

Thanks for all the great work!