Intro to Objects II


Heres my code:

function Person(job, married) {
this.job = job;
this.married = married;
this.speak = function(){

var user = new Person("Codecademy Student",false,);

I have read previous posts on this, have tried their suggestions, and nothing seems to work. HELP!


Please post a link to the exercise, as well as any error message(s) you are getting. Thank you.


Hi. If I understand it, here's the link - It is Intro to Objects II Fun with Functions. The 'Fun' part is surely a dark joke!

At the moment the error says:
SyntaxError: expected expression, got ')'.
Before that it was SyntaxError: expected expression, got '}'.
Before that the error said "Hello!" was not outputting. Frankly I've lost track of all the different error messages from what should be a very basic exercise. This has been a progression of error messages. When I make a change I might lose the previous error, but I get a new error. Very frustrating.
Thanks for looking.


Remove the stray comma after, false. That's the only error I can see.


Thank You! All that hair pulling for one stray comma - ARGHHHHHH! I don't know why you're here helping, but BIG THANKS!