"intro to Object II: Who's In Your Bracket" is a confusing lesson

As a student/customer, I’ve thrilled with how overall easy and usable this course is! I’m really pleased with my progress.

However, the “Who’s in your bracket” in Introduction to Objects II is confusing. I was not at all clear on what was being asked of me, and consequentially wasn’t able to complete it on my own. Luckily, I have a pro account, so I was able to ask for help from one of the excellent advisors. If I didn’t, i would still be staring at it. Thanks to Austin, I understand the point this lesson is trying to get across. Unfortunately, it is just executed really poorly. There must be much better ways and examples to show that you can access properties in an object by using variables named after those properties


Glad someone could help you pass :slight_smile:

Yay :tada:

Yes the JavaScript course does have a few flaws and glitches however CC team is working on a new one hopefully see it in the near future !

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