Intro to JSX, Hello World error messages




It’s a simple copy and paste but it keeps registering it as wrong. I have tried typing it out, copying it in and nothing is working. I even tried to log out in case that was the problem but that didn’t fix the issue either. Any help would be appreciated.

const h1 = <h1>Hello world</h1>;

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im having the same issue


Im having the same issue


Me too. I got the bug as well


Yeah I’m having this issue too.


Having the same issue. Won’t even let me skip/proceed. Stuck :frowning:


I reported the bug, to get pass the exercise, just run the code several times, then a popup should show: having trouble? press get code, this will get you passed the exercise


Any solution for this issue?


same here, great start^^


Yeah, this works, but the same issue repeats for all the following exercises…


I reported the problem, i will let you know when there is an update


I have this issue with every exercise. And if I hit ‘get the code’ for all of them, well, it kinda beats the purpose :slight_smile:


yes, but when i wrote this reply, i didn’t know the problem persisted throughout the track, that is why i reported the issue, and will inform of any updates.


I’m having the same problem. Had the same problem months ago when I tried it before. Surprised that the problem still exists- thought they would have worked the bugs out by now. Thanks for reporting it and looking into it.


Same issue… makes the site almost unusable. :frowning:


I am also having the same problem and have submitted a bug report on my own from the lesson. Similarly, this issue of the correct code not passing the run tests have persisted through other lessons. I have tried things like resetting progress of this course and clearing my browser’s cache and cookies but all, unfortunately, have not fixed the issue. Any update will be appreciated!

EDIT: I noticed that test.js is an empty file with no text. I’m curious, is it suppose to have something in it to test what we write?


still broken. tried on firefox, chrome, IE. Also reported the bug before I knew it had already been reported.


Any luck on a solution ?


no, given i said:

and i haven’t given updates


facing the same issue, is this resolve?