Intro to JSX 8/15 mis-keyed

Exercise 8/15, “Nested JSX” provides the following instructions:

Declare a new variable named myDiv. Set myDiv equal to a JSX <div></div> element. Wrap the <div></div> in parentheses, and use indentation and line breaks like in the examples. In between the <div></div> tags, nest an <h1></h1> containing the text Hello world.

I’ve written the following code to answer this:

var myDiv = (
            <h1>Hello world</h1>

Even though I’ve re-written this, re-loaded the page, logged out and back in, I keep getting the error message,

"Did you nest an <h1></h1> inside of your <div></div>?"

Unfortunately, without resolving this problem, I can’t advance in the tutorial (the next btn is disabled, and the next lesson is locked in the menu).

Any idea on how to move past this?

OK, it seems to be working now. Not sure what’s different.

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