Intro to JS


If i want to write codes offline, what editor would i make use of?


Any reasonably well behaved text editor (so not a word processor, that’s for text, like documents)

On the unixy side there’s vim and emacs, along with a bunch of others nobody really cares too much about, if you’re looking for something simple that’s immediately usable then those are not it.

Notepad++ is a massive upgrade from windows’s text editors, I’ve only ever used it to take notes. Only runs on windows which is a big downside.

Then you’ve got atom and vscode, you’ll probably find these to be quite shiny, and probably a bit slow relative to other editors, which may or may not matter

I suggest picking one with a license that enpowers users (like: mit, apache, gpl), so I would for example recommend against sublime text which is a binary blob you download and hope that the developers will continue to maintain it for as long as you use it, and that they’ll only do nice things during that time


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