Intro to jQuery bug


The $(document).ready(function()) with brackets and all is already pre-written in script.js. All I have to do is click "save & submit". This persisted until 8. Electr(on)ic Slide. First time going through the lesson.




Well you see in this problem, you have to actually type something. Just type what it asks you to under line 1 in the script.js page.

Its asking you to do this



It can bug out and let you go on as far it wants to, but that's not the reason you're doing this. The reason you're doing this is to learn, and even if the editor isn't 100% perfect and bug free (it is pretty spectacular in relation to a lot of other online resources) you can still read the directions, examples, and instructions and learn the material.

As @retrospace111 said, lesson 8 asks you to do something.
Lesson 6 asks you to link the js file, and lesson 7 asks you to get the document ready to function.


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