Intro to JavaScript lesson 5 Assigning variables


let molecule= 0;
molecule += 16;
I am not sure what is going on. I followed the hint, but 'molecule' had no value assigned. But code = hint.


Please post a link to the exercise. The let keyword is not supported in ES5, the current JS version in the older tracks.



Okay, it is a newer course that implements ES6 and later syntax. The lesson asks for a variable, changeMe. I don't see where it asks for molecule.


Sorry, miss read instructions. Problem solved. Thx.


Where is the new course? I saw three in the catalog.


Just a curious question @mtf , how does @richg arrive into this course? Cuz I can't see it else where except following the provided link.

And the course outline is slightly different from


There may or may not be a token at the end of the URL. Needless, it will be redirected to our own log in token and our own lesson will come up. We cannot see the learners workspace, only our own.


Sorry for being a bit vague with my question above @mtf.

I just tested the link provided by @richg, it seems he is using a different track of JS (maybe the newest one?). I wonder how he got into that track because I can't access it from Catalog or else where.

Notice his track name is learn-javascript-introduction

And what I can only find is:
1. The older track, track name: javascript
2. The newer track, track name: learn javascript

And I just go through of few lessons of his track, learn-javascript-introduction.
The lesson content is noticeably different from both tracks available from Catalog.

To quote example,
In new JS track learn javascript: lesson Type (accessed from Catalog).
It introduces 3 data types:

There are three essential data types to know for now, and here is your first test of memorization (don't worry, we will practice):

String: Any grouping of words or numbers surrounded by single quotes: ' ... ' or double quotes " ... ".
Number: Any number, including numbers with decimals, without quotes: 4, 8, 1516, 23.42.
Boolean: This is always one of two words. Either true or false, with no quotations.

Whereas, in @richg track learn javascript introduction: Lesson Data Type

it introduces four data types.

Below are examples of four primitive data types that lay the foundation for all JavaScript programs. Primitive data types, as their name implies, are the simplest built-in forms of data.

console.log('New York City');

Types include:

Strings — Any grouping of keyboard characters (letters, spaces, numbers, or symbols) surrounded by single quotes ('Hello') or double quotes ("World!"). In the example above, 'New York City' is a string.
Numbers — Any number, including numbers with decimals: 4, 1516, .002, 23.42. In the example above, 40.7 is a number.
Booleans — Either true or false, with no quotations. In the example above, true is a boolean.
Null — Can only be null. It represents the absence of value.

Therefore, my question: is this track only offered to limited users? such as the Pro users/Beta users? Because I noticed that @richg's track is created by @jonsamp , CC staff who also created the new JS course.

If not, how can I access to it other than following @richg's link, cuz I can't see this track anywhere, like it's hidden for me. Just a curious question as I would really like to go through all available JS tracks, I have also followed @alexcraig's topic here as extra exercises.

Thanks for attending to my curious question :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi there, this version of the JavaScript course is being taken down in Summer 2017; we recommend you try our new Learn JavaScript course. Please read our blog post for more information.


Thanks for the clarification. Noted. :slight_smile:



I have visited the link and read the blog post. But still, not finding any info about @richg's link,
his track lesson is named learn-javascript-introduction.
__________________________________________________ here :point_down:

The new JS track address is learn-javascript
___________________________________________ here :point_down: (without introduction word)

If you open the two links, you'd see they are two different lessons.
One named: 3. Data Types (learn-javascript-introduction track, @richg's link)
The other one: 2. Types (learn-javascript track, the link you can access from Catalog/or the one you posted)

Sorry if my question sounds too confusing, am trying hard to explain my thoughts.


Hi @codexthon,

You're correct that there are some changes to our JavaScript curriculum. We released learn-javascript about a year ago, which is the course I wrote.

JavaScript has changed a lot in the last year, so we've been creating smaller courses with new curriculum that reflects better JavaScript practices. That's where learn-javascript-introduction comes in. Right now that course is still in beta, which means we only make it visible to some people so that we can catch bugs and improve the course before releasing it widely.

In addition to the beta course learn-javascript-introduction, there are more smaller javascript courses also on the way. Stay tuned for their release later this summer!


Hi @jonsamp, thank you for taking time to reply my question. Feel so privileged and honored to get an answer from software engineer himself. :scream: :scream: :joy:

Is there any way that I can apply to join as beta user?
Or is it for users who registered long ago? I just joined CC this month, but very keen to try out new things. :flushed::blush::blush:

Just want to pour this out, thank you for offering new and updated courses in Codecademy while making the lessons interesting as well.

Got excited with the trivia space facts in JS track, (2017-1969) shows just how far we have come since the moon landing from the first flight in history till sending humans to Mars mission. And the nice cute moon phases, Catch-22 etc. :cool:

Really appreciate the efforts by CC staff and the community here especially the helpful moderators. :hugs: :fist_right: :fist_left:


Thanks for the kind words, and glad you liked some of the examples in the learn-javascript course :smiley:

Right now, we are doing beta testing by random and with the current process, there isn't a way to opt-in to the beta courses.

With that, if you're looking to learn more JavaScript, I'd recommend checking out this series of books that are free on GitHub:

Hopefully the new JS courses will be rolling out soon (I think in the next month or so, but not 100% sure). Can't wait for you to see them!


@jonsamp Ah, guess the force is not with me :four_leaf_clover::wilted_flower:
It's okay though. I am very contented with my first two conversations from the software engineer, that's real gem! :laughing: :laughing:

Thank you so much for sharing new references as well, it's really hard to land feet properly in vast internet when just starting out without any knowledge. Very much appreciated.

Gotta hurry my pace to catch up with the new JS courses arrival! I actually landed on CC through Code Year (late party), which explains how I started on an older JS track and figuring out there is newer one. Combining both have taught me really well. Can't wait, keep up the great job! :metal:

Side note: maybe I should work my way up to tagging @zsims, I saw his name popping out in my email every now and then. :rofl: :rofl:

@zsims and @ryan thanks for creating CC, for the good cause, the opportunity to learn to code, I also believe that you have got a great team members there. Keep up with the great momentum! :thumbsup:


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