Intro to Javascript: Browser Compatibility and Transpilation

Hi all,

I haven’t had any issues with the Intro to Javascript course until now, and I personally don’t think the Browser Compatibility and Transpilation part is nearly as clear as any previous part of the course.

It seems as if Babel and it’s purpose is introduced, and then a large jump in knowledge is made where the user is simply asked to type commands into the terminal without actually knowing what they do. I feel like I’ve gained nothing from this section of the course and was wondering if anyone has felt the same way or if this could be addressed.

I think it is important to understand that this course is meant for beginners, and that consistency is very important in the progression of this course. I have experience with Java but I haven’t programmed in a while, and this course has been tremendously helpful in reintroducing me to programming. This part of the course has not made very much sense to me at all however, and I think it could use a little bit more explaining such that a lay person is the student, which is almost always the case.


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Do you understand what babel is for and why we transpile?

The course takes a very different direction all of sudden, from focus on the Javascript language itself, to the build tools and ecosystem.

I can understand that babel could pretty much be a course of its own, many concepts are introduced, and its a lot to take in. Babel itself is a massive tool.

Babel is useful, just not at that point in the course, maybe after the course as bonus section or something.