Intro to HTML: Why won't it let me move on to the next chapter?

Hi there, I am currently in the course called Introduction to HTML and am having issues getting past a certain exercise because it keeps asking me if I did something (which I did do!) (5/16).
This is what the program says: “Did you create an

header that contains Countries with Large Brown Bear Populations?”

For the record I did create the

header with that text and it looks okay to me but I will include a screenshot as well.


@jessicav1993, Welcome to the forums! Try removing the full stop at the end of the title. It might work.


In your headings, you are adding extra periods. It should be Countries with Large Brown Bear Populations and NOT Countries with Large Brown Bear Populations. (Notice the period at the end of the heading). The same goes for the rest of the headings. Don’t add periods to them.


Both @tera5288723178 and @mtrtmk are likely right.

The process which evaluates whether what you’ve written in the learning environment is correct - the “submission correctness test” if you like - can be an infuriating pedant when it comes to having you write exactly what the lesson instructions ask.

If you ever feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall over an error you can’t find in the learning environment, it’s always a good idea to check that what’s given in the instructions is exactly what you’ve written. :slight_smile: