Intro For Loops


Oops, try again. Your loop didn't log 100 to the console!

for (var i = 100; i = 0; i-= 5) {


You're subtracting by intervals of five. What's 100 / 5? It will only be able to log 20 times.

Try setting i to 500, or subtracting by 1.


Do I log the start, to 500, or the ending number to 500?


You'd make the variable, i 500.
so it'd be


Like this?
for (var i = 500; i = 0; i-= 5) {
Because the same message pops up anyway.


The instructions say "This time, make sure not to print 0" (and it also says to go by increments of five, sorry. I thought you were doing that on your own accord.

So you would want to set it greater than or equal to.



Hey that worked! Thank you!


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