Intro CL Environment confusion


so i had no trouble with the exercise itself, it was very straight forward.
I am just a bit confused about this line of informantion, crtl + C to exit? is not ctrl + X exit?
i tried using crtl + C and all it does is count lines and characters?
can someone shed some light on this, is it just a typo or am i missing something.

Not sure where you see that b/c what I see is different:

that is weird.
why would mine be different, im not sure why this should matter but, could it maybe have something to do with my swedish keyboard setting?

Hm, I’m not sure about that. I didn’t consider different keyboard settings.

ctrl + c in nano reports cursor position.

Definitely a bug. @lisalisaj ctrl + c is mentioned in the section prior to instructions.


@code0608978600 Here’s a bug report form: