Hi, I’m not entirely new to codecademy. But, I haven’t been active ever. I actually used scratch, and I still use it now mainly for the community. I like to go on there and persuade kids to get into the coding business. I just wanted to introduce myself, I actually like this site more because you can’t follow people, not to say you can’t be online friends. So, it takes away the factor, that kids like, of getting followers. I am currently learning html because I wanted to work for mit once I turn 18. And, one of the job descriptions told me I needed to know html. Although, I’ve been told by other people that now it’s pretty much a useless language. I also know java, and visual basic. Any suggestions on what I should learn next? I am considering python, but ruby has a nice ring to it.

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html is just a markup language, it fairly simple. Still useful, otherwise building webpages becomes a bit tricky

Isn’t visual basic pretty much death? I thought so at least

Java is a good choice, you can python or ruby beside it, that is also fine

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Thanks. Yes, visual basic is death, (so was my teacher for that matter). It’s not that bad, and has a lot more lax syntax. Good thing, if you forget those semicolons though. :joy:

What is your profile picture by the way?:confused:

haha, true

This is my profile picture:

it is to small to read on my profile picture


Ah. Okay. :joy: I used linux once, on a raspberry pi.

I have a dell latitude at the moment, but the majority of my time is spent on my school chromebook. I HATE IT!!! This thing can’t run anything. I can’t do any of my JAVA homework programs. The only thing this cp’s useful for is writing essays, I can’t even open the thing without wifi.

raspberry pi’s are fun, so much you can do wit them

That is not nice, you could (if possible) boot from a linux usb, so you have a normal linux distro.

At home I only have Microsoft. There is only so much you can do when you are restricted by your parents.

Your parents have enough technical knowledge to implant a restriction? That sucks.

No. They won’t allow me, and I just don’t do things without their permission. I know if they found out I probably wouldn’t be able to touch a computer for a week.

However, my school has implanted restrictions. I’m lucky I can get on codecademy at school. All sites listed under entertainment are blocked. I think this falls under education, so I’m okay.

Hehe. I just put your picture into an html file at 1000px by 1000 px. It’s too blurry to read.

that is why i posted an enlarged version in this topic?

I know. I just was trying to see if it worked.

most likely not, i suspect codecademy stores them as thumbnails, which means you stretch them, causing them to become of really poor quality

I finally finished the html tutorial. I had a problem writing my resume because I made the ID left and right, and didn’t make them classes.

It’s hard to believe how easy that was to learn though.

html and css are just markup languages, they are relatively easy to learn.