Internships/ Training for Coding

Hello all,

My name is Warda and I’m new to the Codecademy community as well as coding overall. Some backstory about me: My main reason for starting to learn how to code was so I could quit my job and explore other career paths since my current career as it turns out, is not something I enjoy and also not the best for my mental health. After starting the Full Stack Engineer Career Path, I realized I actually like coding so far and want to continue to pursue this career path.

My question is, does anyone know of any open opportunities available for someone just starting out in coding, like an internship or part-time job? I ask because I desperately want to quit my current job. Not only do I not enjoy what I do, but the work environment is hostile and toxic, to say the least. I’ve tried asking my manager to reduce my hours but he ended up declining my request. I’d love to just quit altogether but I need some form of income and it’d be great if I could do that while also learning in a field that aspire to be part of in the future. Because I’m a beginner, I realize my lack of experience will result in less pay, but I am 100% fine with that. If you know of anything I can apply to or join to learn, or any advice while I continue this path, please please please let me know!!

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Hi Warda!

This answer will largely depend on where you are writing from.

In the US, programming internships are nearly as hard to get as programming jobs, since they are paid very well and usually lead to full time opportunities in the company.

Usually the prerequisites are pretty strong problem-solving skills (leetcode type problems up to medium difficulty) and a portfolio of work (some jobs may care more about one over the other).

I did the switch and I know many others that did but I think in every case it was a considerable amount of work over a ~2 year span. Most of the people I know that made the switch went back to get a 2nd bachelor’s. I know two people that went the bootcamp route instead, and one of those only found work in Europe.

Also the market for programming jobs right now happens to be pretty tight and competitive so the picture might be even tougher than what I described.

However it’s totally possible and it really is more about your desire and will to do it. If it’s something you feel strongly about you should pursue it. Also, even at 2 years in and graduating with honors I would say I was heavily inexperienced when landing the job, but they expect that and will pay you a lot (low 6 figures) for the future potential, so don’t settle for less than you have to.

Best of luck!


What I have seen is a lot of short-term/part-time opportunities involve Wordpress or a content management system CMS such as Drupal; which I know neither of.
I have seen very few part-time jobs for Java, Angular, React, Python… even JavaScript postings all seem to be full-time. And internships are all asking for the candidate to be enrolled in accredited degree-earning program.
Best of luck searching-- right now is a slump for tech hiring because of massive layoffs in tech throughout the past year.