I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on technology companies that I could be a remote intern for.

I’m Not necessarily interested in doing a programming job since I’m not proficient at programming yet. My real goal is to gain some experience working in the industry and have something to put on my Résumé. I am willing to do this unpaid and virtually willing to do any kind of job.

About me: I am a Senior in high school with 132 days left in school. I am learning to program at CodeCademy.
I am looking for an unpaid Internship position.


Ok. I am little confused.:thinking: Do you want to do Computer Science or something instead or programming? Or what if not?


In the end, Once I’m out of school I want to get a software engineering job. But for now, I do not care. I simply want to get a job at a Software or Technology Company. Whether that’s Making people coffee or reading emails or what else does not matter.


Ok, so its any thing in the programming field?


You could say that; It’s really any technology company.


Well, I don’t have any jobs for you, but you could look up some on google or whatever browser.