Intermediate Python3 School Catalogue Project

I am trying to work on this first part of the project but I keep getting error messages. Does anyone know why?

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I was able to figure this much out but can someone explain why f is necessary in the statement found in repr.

By adding the letter f, you can use string interpolation. It lets Python know that you don’t want the values between the curly braces to be treated like text

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Thank you very much. I have a follow-up question: Why doesn’t the letter f work in this instance with print.

It does! Just switch from single quotes to double quotes:


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Awesome thank you so much! I typically use single quotes for strings but I should get into the habit of using double quotes.

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It’s a hard habit to break :slight_smile: especially when some languages really want you to use single quotes half the time

There has to be something else to this. There is no requirement for single or double quotes when using f-strings.

Just noticed the issue. The __repr__ method must return a string. print is not return.


Woooah, good point, totally overlooked that


My final code for the SchoolCatalogue Project if anyone needs it for reference.

print('Hello world!') class School: def __init__(self, name, level, number): = name self.level = level self.number = number def get_name(self): return def get_level(self): return self.level def get_number(self): return self.number def set_number(self, new_number): self.number = new_number def __repr__(self): return f'A {self.level} school named {} with {self.number} students.' a = School("Codecademy", "high", 100) print(a) print(a.get_name()) print(a.get_level()) a.set_number(200) print(a.get_number()) class PrimarySchool(School): def __init__(self, name, number, pickup): super().__init__(name, 'primary', number) self.pickup = pickup def get_pickup(self): return self.pickup def __repr__(self): primaryRepr = super().__repr__() return primaryRepr + f'The pickup policy is {self.pickup}' b = PrimarySchool("Codecademy", 300, "Pickup Allowed") print(b.get_pickup()) print(b) class HighSchool(School): def __init__(self, name, number, sports): super().__init__(name, 'high', number) self.sports = sports def get_sports(self): return self.sports def __repr__(self): highRepr = super().__repr__() return highRepr + f"You can play the following sports: {self.sports}." c = HighSchool("Codecademy High", 500, ["Tennis", "Basketball"]) print(c.get_sports()) print(c)