Intermediate Postgres indexes project stuck (Unable to connect)

I’m currently working on the Intermediate Book Store Indexes project (Full Stack Engineer course - Advanced PostgresQL) and the learning environment is stuck. During steps 8 and 9, I ran into an error saying Disk quota exceeded, so I thought to reset the exercise from “Get Unstuck” and now it’s stuck in a perpetual loading state. When I refresh the browser, I get the infamous “Unable to connect to Codecademy” error.

Is this the only lesson/module that acts like this?
What OS do you have and what web browser are you using? Do you have any Chrome (or whatever browser) extensions installed?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it’s the only project that’s acted like this for me during my course so far. I’m using Chrome on Windows 10, and yeah I have some extensions installed.

Strangely enough I’ve just logged back in and it’s working again. Must’ve been a time-sensitive or storage-sensitive issue under the hood.

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