Intermediate javascript, isTheDinnerVegan() stuck

Hey guys,

I am getting stuck at this exercise “Intermediate javascript, isTheDinnerVegan()

I get the solution right but the exercise won’t accept it.

// Code challenges: Intermediate Javascript, isThe DinnerVegan() 

// My code:

const isTheDinnerVegan = (meal) => {
  let isVegan = [ ]; // define isVegan as an empty array to be used later
  for (let i=0 ; i < meal.length; i++) { // iterate past all objects in the array meal, if a meal has multiple courses, no problem.
    if (meal[i].source === 'plant') { // check if a key value === 'plant'
      isVegan.push(true); // pushes true to an array that lists every course
    } else {
      isVegan.push(false); // dito but false
  return isVegan.every(function (x) { x === true}); // checks if all items are true / vegan

// Check my code

const dinner = [{name: 'hamburger', source: 'meat'}, {name: 'cheese', source: 'dairy'}, {name: 'ketchup', source:'plant'}, {name: 'bun', source: 'plant'}, {name: 'dessert twinkies', source:'unknown'}];

// Should print false, and it does!
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from the every method documentation:

true if the callback function returns a truthy value for every array element; otherwise, false .

your function doesn’t return anything, the absence from a return value is not truthy, thus its false


Hmm you are right, even if I enter a meal with plant only sources it returns a false. Will look into that, thx!

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yes, and it has to do with .every.

The function you pass as argument, doesn’t return anything, thus we get undefined, which is false.

return isVegan.every(function (x) { return x === true});

Solved it! Thx.

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if you are going to use high order functions (like every), why not call every directly on meal?

now you loop twice, is that really needed?


My idea was to also be able to log which meal is not Vegan.

But I am eager to know how I can do this with less code. Only started looking into Javascript earlier this month ;).

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I first tried solving the exercise by implementing a while loop that stopped at the first instance of false and then returned a false, but somehow that wasn’t enough to solve the exercise either. Perhaps I did something wrong there too.

Could you do:

meal.every(function (x) { return x.source === 'plant'})

or something like that?

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yes, you can. Using es6 you can shorten it even more:

return meal.every(x => x.source === 'plant')

this sounds like a very realistic way to solve the problem. that should work. Just be careful to return true outside/after the loop.


Thx for the info ;).

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hi this worked for me:
const isTheDinnerVegan = (value) => {
const val = value.every(function (i) {return i.source ===‘plant’})
return val;

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