Interim changes discussion


Hi, can anyone post detailed release dates? Currently I'm leading a class (until June 2017) and we do HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Python courses. Those courses are used to rate the students.

I would have a problem if the courses will be changed (and all data will be removed) in the middle of our class.


Important Changes to Codecademy Courses

Hi Torsten, I can't give you a detailed calendar, I'm afraid. We will keep our users informed, however.


Thanks for the info. As long as I have a few days to save the students data before the "old" courses will be removed, that would help.

As everyone else, I'm excited about the new courses! :slight_smile:


Today it’s August 17th and i haven’t seen any changes … why ?!


The change to the HTML and CSS course was supposed to happen yesterday, how do I find the new course? Im excited for the new one but I can only see the old course I’ve been doing, it still shows my progress. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

New Courses Release! :nerd_face: (Learn HTML, Learn CSS, Introduction to JavaScript with updated ES6+ syntax)

It says it was supposed to happen wednesday according to the post, but I was also messaged about how the full-stack path was going to change on friday, it’s saturday and I haven’t seen a single change, can we get any updates


Where’s the updates/communication about the now-delayed delayed release of the revamped courses? Customer questions about this seem like they’re being ignored across all the official channels and, as one of those who pays for this, this is EXTREMELY frustrating.


I completely agree, I even held off paying last year because they announced new courses to be released in September, I thought for sure they would actually release this time, and went ahead with paying, now everything is being delayed once again, and I see no point in continuing any of the courses if they are just going to be replaced while I’m half way through it.


It looks like there are some unforeseen dependencies that need to be removed first. I’m expecting the changes to happen next week (August 28), or maybe the week after that.

(That’s my personal expectation, not official word)