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Hey, interactive website Q&A forum doesn't work for me so i will ask here.

var main = function() {
$('.icon-menu').click(function() {
$('menu').animate({left: "0px"}, 200);
$('body').animate({left: "285px"}, 200);


This code gives me this message:
Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

And if i add the ) like that:
$('body').animate({left: "285px"}, 200);
}); // here

It says Oops, try again. Add code for $('.menu') inside $('.icon-menu').click(). Look back at the instructions for the code.

what is the problem?



+++++ DOM representation of push menu

If your HTML-page is loaded into memory by the Browser
the memory-layout will be build
using the rules, as defined in the Document Object Model
in short the DOM

The DOM representation of the index.html file would look like:

         |                |
        head             body
         |                |
    |----+----|      |----+-----------|
    |    |    |      |                |
   link link link  10div(.menu)     27div(.jumbotron)
                    |                 |
     |--------------+----|          29div(.icon-menu)
     |                   |             |
   13div(.icon-close)  18ul          30i (.fa
     |                   |             |  and .fa-bars)
    img       |-----|----+|-----|    text  
              |     |     |     |    node
             19li  20li  21li  22li
              |     |     |     |
              a     a     a     a
              |     |     |     |
            text   text  text  text
            node   node  node  node

Now if you look at the DOM representation
the body-Tag is parent to
a 10div Element's Tree ( with class-attribute with class-name "menu" )
a 27div Element's Tree ( with class-attr. with class-name "jumbotron" set )

Now if you look in the style.css file,
with which you manage the Display of your Elements,
you will find that
the body object has the property left: 0; being set
( the body-Tree has a _start-Display at position left-0 )_

the .menu object has the property left: -285px; being set
and therefor the 10div-Tree is outside of Display.

In your 'app.js' file you are
to which you assign a so-called anonymous Function
and in the FUNCTION-BODY of this anonymous Function
we are attaching our click Event-handlers
to the HTML-Elements which are
-1 carrying the "icon-menu" class-name as class-attribute
-2 carrying the "icon-close" class-name as class-attribute
( during the assignment the function is NOT executed )

You will have to add the code-line
$(document).ready( main );
which will result in the =main= Function to be executed
AFTER the Browser has set the ready Event-flag.


google search

what is CSS explained



Hi evghenii,

You do need the closing parenthesis ()) in your second code, but after that, take a close look at your code versus the error message. Your code:

The error message:


.menu is a class name, selecting any element with the class="menu" attribute, whereas menu is selecting the (nonexistent) <menu> element :)


Thanks for all the information! :smile:


Thank you for your kind explain.
Helps a lot