Interactive Website - dropdown menu jQuery question


I have already completed the Make an Interactive Website course; however, I am having some difficulties trying to replicate some of the code onto a new project I'm working on. I thought I would use your exercise to help me get practice on making a push menu. However, I am confused by the part of code that goes:




I played around with it, and correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like the i tag was used just so you could apply the "fa fa-bars" class. I tried doing something similar for a webpage that I am starting however it didn't work. I then tried copying and pasting your code to see if that would do anything, but the image of the menu bar did not appear. I noticed that the .css file did not have any code relating to the i tag, and I made sure to use a script tag to link to the same jQuery source that is listed in the exercise. I also made sure to link to bootstrap. I also tried copying and pasting the entirety of the index.html file, but the icon still did not appear. Now I am wondering if there is something that I need to download in order for the icon appear? Thank you and sorry for making this post so long.


Update: I was able to fix it. After posting, I saw a suggested post that was similar.

Solution: put http in the beginning of the link tag that applies bootstrap.


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