Interactive Website completing the Push Menu


How do you know how many spaces to put between codes when they are separated on different lines, do you just estimate? I do not know what I am doing wrong. For this step I am on it says I am supposed to be able to open the Menu tab, but after I finished the code I still could not open it. Is there someone I can call to walk me through this?


Hi Jmcbr338,

It's called indentation, and it's generally done by pressing the Tab key :) The best way to "know" how far to indent is to practice code - after a while, and if you're dealing with a lot of code, messy indentation can make reading the code way harder. Also, learning a whitespace dependent language such as Python helps since you have to have proper indentation for your code to work :)

Would you mind posting and formatting your code so we can look through it to find the problem(s)?
You can format code by selecting it all while in the post editor, and pressing Ctrl/Cmd + K, or by adding a new line and three backticks (`) before and after your code, like this:

<code> will show up properly here