Interactive Typescript course quite fundamentally broken

Hi, all.

I was about to recommend the course at to a colleague as it seemed really nicely put together around an interactive console.

However, after a few pages I found that the interface is broken on Chrome 91 with my screen resolution (1536 x 864) meaning you’re unable to see any of the lower lines of the terminal so if your commands have output more than a handful of lines, you can no longer see the cursor or the output. The result is that it is impossible to succeed at the tasks even from the second screen.

In a related feature request, I found I couldn’t meaningfully proceed beyond the second screen after fixing the line realAge = '4 years' as there was no ‘Save’ interaction, which broke the logic of the tutorial completely. The tutorial indicates that you should use typescript tooling in the console, such as running tsc to recompile and node index.js to execute, but if you can’t save the file, it continues to have the same error so won’t compile or execute.

I don’t know if these failures are reflected in your analytics regarding whether people give up immediately after embarking on the course, or if it’s just my screen resolution or I’ve missed something obvious but seems a shame for a thing which would otherwise be really valuable.

Hey @script6119728891. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. When the Curriculum team is back online tomorrow, I will have someone look into the issue. After that, I’ll follow up here. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve submitted a ticket for our Curriculum Quality team to look into this. Will report back as soon as I know more. Thanks for flagging this issue.

Hey thanks for reporting this.
I was wondering if you could share some screenshots of what the site looks like at your resolution?