Interactive, Live feedback webpage Course

Hello Everyone!

I have a suggestion for a new course.
I’ve been really fascinated with live interactive websites, but even more so specifically websites that use multi-user live data!
One of the greatest examples of this are io games and Kahoot.
These websites are very reliant on live interactive data. I’m very curious about how this could be possible to do, and I’ve been interested in making a project like this but wouldn’t know where to start.
This course would get into how to get live user data being a command or word or even wasd commands, how to use live data from multiple users and manipulate it in an interesting way.
(On a slight side note it’d be awesome to see a webGL course as well, they would match very nicely)

Hopefully, I’m not the only one interested in an idea like this, and this can one day come to life!
Thanks for reading!