Intensive course - no certificate due to time out, additional paid exam?


I participated in the Build Web APIs from Scratch course. Unfortunately, I did not finish the course due to illness. I would like to re-enter the course and get a diploma. Is it possible to sign up again for the course? I want to pass the exam exam and get a graduation diploma.

Of course I still have access to the course and I can process the material. However, I care about my exam and diploma. Will you provide this option so that the person who already has the course will be able to re-enter the course for an additional small fee and pass the exam and get a diploma?

I think that there are many people who for various reasons did not finish the course at the appointed time. I would like to make a great move if you would like to re-teach people who have not completed the course. Unless it is already an option, and I do not know about it.


Same problem here, any ideas?

Hey there - @quepasamalmo & @skibbbi …you can submit a request to the Customer Support team to request an extension on your program.

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