Intended paths


In the courses I’ve been doing I’ve been using the course flow of choosing things from the “Up next” menu after completing a section. I have however noticed that it can take me into a path where I skip parts which were intended for me to do beforehand. For example, I could get into a place where I was suggested a project to do and I started it, but it was in fact dependent on a section that I had not yet done.

Therefore, I have 2 questions/feedback:

  1. It’s a bit confusing to get suggested to do things you haven’t covered yet.
  2. What is the intended workflow for courses? Should it be in top-down order according to the Syllabus, where the lessons are listed first, then projects and then quizzes (see image), or should it be more of a “Lesson -> quiz -> project -> next lesson” order, which is what the “Up next” pop-up is suggesting?

Best regards,

If there be glitches then we can work around them. At the end of a unit, rather than click Next, click the heading in the middle of the heading bar which will take you back to the dashboard where you can select the next item in the path.