Integrating zoom using PHP


I want to integrate the zoom in a website where online classes would be conducted. There may be at least 8 classes/meetings at a time. It should be on my website interface and shouldn’t redirect to the zoom website for meetings. I want these integration done by PHP because whole the website is developed on PHP and there would some data stored in the database regards to meetings/classes. I searched a lot for this on google but couldn’t find a way to do it in PHP. I think it may be something easy for JavaScript developers as mostly guidance/tutorials/ways for JavaScript/nodejs. But I’m unable to find a way for that in PHP.

Maybe there would another way rather than using zoom to achieve the goal.

I’m just posting here to get the idea if that is possible in PHP or someone has done it in past and provide me some information/help regards to this project.

Any suggestions and help would be highly appreciatable.


Hi there, welcome to the community.

It would appear that the Zoom SDK for the web is intended to interface with JS.

There’s nothing to stop you from using PHP to deliver the page where the embedded Zoom will be shown, but to actually leverage Zoom on those pages you’ll need to hook into the SDK and that requires JS. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for giving me the concept and idea. I will follow your guidance. Thank You!!!