Integrating SQL Server (locally hosted), PHP and 3rd party website


I am quite new to all programming languages and would like to learn more by building my own website, the HTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc… I am comfortable playing around with but when it comes integrating the PHP with SQL Server I am really struggling to find any helpful guides.

My question is would there be anybody on this website willing to help me with this project? By help I mean pointing me in the direction of the resources I need and the documentation to learn how to use those resources, if anybody would like to be a little more hands on with regards to reviewing and critiquing my code as we go that would be even better!

I currently have SQL Server 2014 running on my system, have a website hosted with and have played around a little with ngrok (to make accessing my local host a little simpler!)

Once I have learnt A) How to set up all the systems correctly and securely and B) learnt to make them play nicely together with good user authentication and secure access etc… I would then pass on this knowledge by having a few user accounts to access and make changes to my DB (which contains nothing but made up data) and allow them to submit their code to me to host for free on my website so they can see their code actually working. I could then guide the users through how the whole thing works together and assist them with setting up a similar system of their own.

The users could create there own DB within my SQL Server, create tables and input/capture data from their webpage and then learn how to build the whole thing from scratch by actually doing it live.

I can find many resources (Such as codecademy) which are fantastic at teaching the basics of programming and DB building/querying but when it comes to the task of putting it all together and making it stable, there seems to be (as far as I have found) a lack of information directed at the beginner.

Any feedback, offers of assistance or suggestions on where to begin would be greatly appreciated.