Instructions on Ex #6 - We Made A Friend


So, I don't think I grasp the last instruction on this exercise which reads: Make sure you call the list function, to check if your new entry is added. And delete any other function that logs output in the console, i.e 'search' function.

When I first ran the code, I had commented out the search function, thinking that that the last line of the above instruction said to delete it.

It didn't work. The error told me that I was missing my search function. So I put it back in, deleting the comments.

So this leaves me with... what was I supposed to do on that last instruction? I feel like I'm missing something.

Replace this line with your code.


You don't have to remove the function, itself, just the call expressions. search("Bill") (or comment it out).

var function add(first, last, number, email) {
    // code to create a new object and add to contacts array