Instructions Irrelevant


Suppose to use an if statement, but it doesn't work with that. Actually, it doesn't work by following the instructions at all. It works with this code though:

words = ['a','b','c','d']
words.each do |words|
    print words + " "

There's nothing to redact. No variable is given containing something to be redacted, nor are we told what we're suppose to redact. Basically, the instructions are completely irrelevant.


Not so. The SCT may not be very strict, but it does pass correct code that does follow the instructions. That is more important.


What? My code doesn't follow the instructions. That's the entire point I'm making.

You're suppose to use an if statement to print "REDACTED " at a certain point. My code doesn't have an if statement at all, but it still passed.


This is a very old course that is no longer maintained. The important point is that correct code will pass. If some errant code sneaks by the lesson checker, so be it. Nothing we can do about that.


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