Instructional feedback: print original vs. print new_word


There seems to be gap between "Step 9. Move it on Back" and "Step 10. Ending Up." Apparently, the learner is supposed to figure out that they need to print new_word and not original. I might be missing something here, but perhaps the course should be modified to guide the uber-beginner (ME!) so they aren't confused.

Indeed, this edit might need to be encouraged in Step 8 with the case transformation. On step 8, the user is provided with a hint to try printing different variable values, so if they use this hint and continue to print their variables, they will see more of what is happening with their code. This seems to be more implicit than explicit.

I had to resort to perusing the forums to find a working code snippet. (I kept getting the green progress bar, even though I was just printing original over and over from one step to the next. I guess a lot of what was actually taking place was "under the hood," but it was confusing to not see an expected output)

Is this an intentional decision in the lesson, or did I miss something? Everything else seems pretty cut-and-dried.

Anyhow, I'm learning a lot, so thanks! :relaxed:


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