Instruction and Learning Styles

I just started today as an advanced learner but with no knowledge in coding or SQL. I have to say I am terribly disappointed in the overall format. For a company looking to re-invent education, I pretty much am seeing the same old thing just in a digital format. That’s not re-inventing.

When dealing with education you should have someone who knows about learning styles. Your approach reaches out to only very few people who learn by read and copy, repeat. For many people the approach would have to be much more limited instruction with immediate action. I can copy and paste as well as the next guy but at the end of the day I don’t remember a thing because I don’t have to think when you give me the answer immediately.

Really folks, I was hoping for a better, more interactive approach… never mind the $25 Canadian Pro Learning none-sense to get help. IT’S NOT ABOUT HELP. It’s about HOW LEARNERS LEARN. Hire an expert in educational theory…never mind the computer gurus. It’s like professors, they can’t teach because the know the subject so well they can’t teach; only lecture.


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I’m also very disapointed in the SQL courses.

Please elaborate. What were you expecting?

I went through the courses, and did every lesson, but afterwards I didn’t feel as if I learnt anything. It just felt like I was retyping random stuff over and over.

Exactly, they need to create course which help to re-enforce the learning. It doesn’t seem that they have educators working with them,; only computer people who know nothing about the theories of how people learn.

Hey Scott,

We care a lot about learners’ experience and are committed to high quality, accessible programming education.

As we experiment with new content and learning modes, you can expect to see improvements in the breadth and depth of our lessons. If there is an instructional style you prefer, we pay close attention to learner experience and welcome your feedback. It’s what makes us better every iteration.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager