Instant bug with syntax, or exercise, idk


First i’m french, i understand English, i think as i can.
I try do finish my inscription to the Samsung Campus, and for it, i have to do some exercise on Codeacademy.

My problem is this one: all the exercise i try to do don’t work like they does.

For exemple:
“Below The Brown Bear, add an

that says About Brown Bears.”
My code:
    <title>The Brown Bear</title>
    <h1>The brown bear</h1>
    <h2>About the Brown Bears</h2>

The error: Does your

contain ‘About Brown Bears’?
I would say to you “yes” ?

Now i can tell you i got this problem at all exercise i try to do, my only choice is to click “Run” 3 times for having the following message: “Having trouble?” and click on “Get code”.

Positif point is: very fast to do the exercises
Negativ point: if i send my 100 upload exercise to Samsung campus, and in my dream, they take me with us, what can i tell them?
“Hey, i don’t understand code, but i’m here because i click on get code !! :D”
(I don’t speak when i code, i keep calm and i try to understand)
Really, sorry i’m a little bit aggressive maybe, and sorry again for my bad English.

About Brown Bears != About the Brown Bears? If the instructions ask you insert specific text, make sure you type it correctly (or even better, copy paste it)


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