Installing VS Code on Raspberry Pi 4b

I am getting an error message when trying to install VS Code on my Raspberry Pi 4b. The error message I get is: ‘Error installing packages - The following packages have unmet dependencies: code: depends: libxkbfile1 (>=1:1.1.0) but 1:1.0.9-2 is to be installed’. I get that error message when using ‘sudo apt install code’. I also get the same error message when using the raspberry pi GUI ‘Preferences’ > ‘Recommend Software’. I could really use some help resolving this issue. Thank You.

Have you tried using ChatGPT to find potential solutions? I’ve found it useful when encountering similar issues. This is the response it provided to me:

It seems like there is a dependency issue with the version of libxkbfile1 required by Visual Studio Code (libxkbfile1 (>=1:1.1.0)) and the version available in your Raspberry Pi’s package repositories (1:1.0.9-2).

Here are a few steps you can try to resolve this issue:

  1. Update Package Lists: Before installing Visual Studio Code, make sure your package lists are up to date by running:

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sudo apt update
  1. Upgrade Packages: After updating the package lists, you can try upgrading installed packages to their latest versions:

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sudo apt upgrade
  1. Try Snap Package: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, you can try installing Visual Studio Code using the Snap package manager. First, install Snap if you haven’t already:

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sudo apt install snapd

Then, install Visual Studio Code using Snap:

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sudo snap install --classic code
  1. Manual Installation: If both the apt and Snap installations fail, you can try downloading the .deb package from the Visual Studio Code website and installing it manually:
  • Go to the Visual Studio Code website and download the .deb package for Debian/Ubuntu.
  • Navigate to the directory where the .deb package is downloaded.
  • Install the package using dpkg:

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sudo dpkg -i <package-name>.deb
  • If dpkg reports any missing dependencies, you can try installing them using apt:

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sudo apt install -f

This command will attempt to install any missing dependencies required by the package.
5. Check Raspberry Pi OS Version: Ensure that you are using the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. Older versions might not have the required dependencies for Visual Studio Code.

I had the Raspbian OS version 10. I removed the sd card from my Pi, put it in my PC and treated like a 1st time install. That gave me the latest version of Raspbian. VS Code was then installed without any problems.