Installing virtual box and ubuntu

Hello everyone i need your help, im doing the linux course and im at the part where we need to download ubuntu and virtual box, i tried for couple of hours now and it doens work, i have a macbook air M1 any suggestions ? thank you in advance

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So you’ll need specificity for this kind of thing. What steps did you get through successfully, where did it fail, what were the error messages, and maybe some screenshots are the kinds of details you want to share.

Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox has a developer preview for ARM architectures (M1, M2, etc.)

but you might also want to look at alternatives like UMT or Parallels.

Also consider asking in linux-focused forums like:

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hello there thank you for responding, unfortunately i didn’t take screenshots, and after some research apparently oracle vm virtualBox doesn’t really work in apple silicon devices lot’s had the same issue after downloading it every is good but then when i download Ubuntu and try to make it work in the vm everything crashes.

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You might be looking at outdated info.

You might have narrowed it down to the Ubuntu steps then. Again, I just recommend replicating the problem and posting it in a specialized forum. Linux enthusiasts tend to be very helpful.


I use UTM to use Kali. You go to their gallery and download the image file for the setup if you don’t have it. It works pretty good on my M1 max macbook pro. I had the same issues with Virtualbox in past so I switched to UTM and it works perfectly.

But as suggested by @toastedpitabread the new virtual box have started supporting the M1 sillicon processors

You can try this version, maybe you are using the wrong/older version. link

I just checked the virtual box forum and this version of virtual box doesn’t support linux. It only support XP 32-bit. I think the coming versions can support Mac, Linux, or Solaris OS. I will link the thread below from the official virtual box forum.


Though Kali is running perfectly for me on UTM

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hello thank you so much for your help, i installed parallel ( the free trial version) and uploaded ubutnu on it but when i try to change the language of the keyboard ( qwerty to azerty ) it doesnt work and it shows “failed to download package files” so now i dont really know what to do plus im preparing for an exam (c + linux ) in august so thta’s why i need to find a solution before that and continue to practice

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Yes you can simply shift to UTM its free. Setup will take you around 15mins.

Quick update : i installed utm and installed Ubuntu i tried different options and it worked ! Thank you all for helping me
Have a great day

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Amazing! I’m happy it worked for you.

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