Installing SQLite as part of the Go Off-Platform lesson

The text lesson describes using git bash to install and run sqlite and the linked youtube video for help does not follow the text lesson at all, no mention of git bash. The video installs it by double clicking it in the downloads window. I am completely stuck and very frustrated, kinda starting to lose hope for succeeding at this with all of the little problems I keep having.


Are you on windows? It seems like a lot of users have trouble with this video. Maybe look for alternate instructions for installing sqlite on google (I did it on mac so I don’t know about your windows installation).

In either case, the exercises in the modules don’t require the program so you can still complete them without (I used a different program to do them in either case).

At the beginning, installation of systems can be a hassle but you get used to (and better) at it. It was hard for me too.

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If you let us know which part is not working we can walk you through the installation. There are a few different ways to install/set up sqlite3 on Windows and I’ve helped many Codecademy learners on this exact subject.

As @toastedpitabread said, installation and set up can be hard when you first start out. Also, these installation instructions in particular have caused a lot of headaches for Windows users. I would recommend following the written instructions about using Git Bash since I know for a fact those work. If you run into any trouble, just reply here with exactly what is going wrong.

Alternatively, you can install DB Browser for SQLite using these instructions. DB Browser is an excellent software and it is actually better for data exploration and may fit your needs better initially.

Let us know if you need any further help.

Happy coding!

Thank you for the replies. I was especially frustrated because I even went outside of the course and did the command line courses it also recommended. It ended up I had learned enough from those to figure it out on my own. I am trying to strictly follow the lessons, which had me opening it through git bash, so I wanted to stick with that even though that was not what the linked video gave directions on. It seems like its an error in the lesson plan, because I ended up finding old posts on the forum who had the same issue.

Thanks again, onto Funnels now.