Installing python on my Mac

Hi guys,

I am doing this step by step:

I downloaded the vscode, installed python, and reopened my terminal. but I still cannot execute python in terminal. It keeps saying command not found.

When I installed python, a python launcher and IDLE shell were installed. I can only run my python code on the IDLE shell. As for execution of the saved file, I still haven’t figured out how to do that.

I will go back to that webpage see what went wrong and at the same time if you could provide me with some guidance that’d be great! Thank you!

Hey, I can try and help.

We can do a screen sharing session and I’ll try to see if I can spot the problem.

What kind of Mac do you have? And specifically what processor?

that’s really nice of you!

My machine uses M1 processor. it’s a MacBook Pro and the current OS version is Ventura 13.0

Hi friend,

I figured out the problem, I believe. on my terminal, I was trying to call the python program by “python” command, as written in the webpage. It wouldn’t work. But now I use another command “python3”, and it works fine now!

Thank you for your reply and offering to help out!