Installing pipenv

So I’m having no luck installing pipenv like the video suggests.

With the new OS on mac it’s now the .zsh_profile. I add the PATH just as the video suggests however I continue to get the error of

zsh: command not found: pipenv

any solutions on how to get it working?

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Perhaps this thread would help, scroll down to the last response:

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I’m having the same problem on Windows. It’s saying command not found for me but I know I installed it and set the path up just like the video claimed I should do.

What command line environment are you using? The basic command prompt, gitbash or something similar, something from conda?

Have you tried checking your path, echo %PATH% (may vary with different shells) would potentially be a way to check.

Can you find and run Python correctly? If so does python -m pipenv -h give you help details for pipenv?

Hey there. Thanks for commenting. I am using command prompt. I have gitbash if that could make it easier. I just loaded command prompt because that’s what he said in the video.

I’m still new and definitely want to learn this stuff. I let my wife mess around to see if she could figure it out but she couldn’t either. It’s saying 'not recognized … command, operable program, or batch file.

It might do. Most of the guidance for this kind of work is for *nix style shells so learning the basics of bash for example might be useful (the old windows command prompt is rarely used). The gitbash program isn’t a true shell running bash but for the simple stuff it works quite nicely.

It is still important to know. How did you install Python? Can you call it with a command prompt?

If you have the time there’s a CC course on the command line (based on bash) that might be quite helpful. You’d have a better idea of what actually happens when you type pipenv and press return so it’d be easier to debug.

I used the CC article on installing Python ( Installing Python 3 and Python Packages | Codecademy

I skipped the video just to keep progressing. I tried the last step again by loading CMD and entering python --version and it doesn’t seem to recognize it now. I’ll take a look at the CC course on the command line to see if I can troubleshoot this a bit more. Thanks again for your help