Installing Nano on Chromebook for Command Line, Lingua Franca project

I’ve hit a road block on task 17 of the project “Lingua Franca”.

Seems I successfully installed “The Terminal” onto my chromebook but whenever I try to use the “nano” command it says “-bash: nano: command not found”.

I tried to follow some instructions I found on YouTube by downloading nano-6.2.tar.gz from the nano website into the Linux files and then typing “./configure” in Linux, but got the error “no curses lib was found”.

I then entered “sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev”, when that was completed I changed directory back to “/nano-6.2” then ran “./configure” and got the error “configure: error: write failure creating ./config.status”

Clearly I’m a complete newbie to all this and I’m going round and round in circles trying to get Nano installed! Pls help! TIA.

I’m afraid I can’t directly answer your question about nano, I’m unfamiliar with chromebooks so I don’t know what difficulties you might face when installing.

Easiest option:
What I will say though is that the text editor you use doesn’t really matter. It could even be a fancy GUI, the only thing you’ll want to be careful with is saving the file in something other than plaintext (sometimes this requires save as or similar). So for that step you might be able to skip the use of nano and use something you do have installed.

Medium option:
If you really want a terminal based text editor I believe chromeos supports vim. Now vim is a great text editor but it is not beginner friendly, it is designed almost entirely for keyboard only use (the mouse is rarely or never used) and many actions and operations are bound to specific keypresses that are not shown anywhere unless you read the manual. If you choose to use vim definitely follow some guidance to get started or you may find using it very difficult.

For nano itself if you get the chance consider using a package manager for installing things (this largely goes for any operating system, downloading and making tools from source isn’t easy). A package manager just does all this for you and makes life much easier. I’ve heard of the chromebrew package manager (not homebrew like the OSX project) but I’ve never used it. It could be worth a look-in and it might not be the only chromeos package manager so search around but scrutinise anything before installing, like I say I’ve not tried using chromeos at all so I don’t even know what’s available.

As mentioned above the exact text editor doesn’t really matter. You might find another command line based text editor available on their existing ecosystem in which case you might be able to just use that.

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Thank you! It appears as though vim IS installed, but I think I’m safer not to go there!! I’ll have a look at package managers, not something I’ve ever heard of before. Thanks again for your reply :slight_smile:

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I just used this video to install nano v6.2 on my Chromebook.

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