Installing miniconda

when installing the minicoda and using cmd to check conda list. I have installed the Python and miniconda as per directions of the the link

Below is what I get, please advise,

‘conda’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I think a lot of the guidance on CC and generally elsewhere doesn’t often cover the built-in windows command prompt. You might have an easier time working with some form of bash based terminal (gitbash, WSL and a few others if you search around). @el_cocodrilo psoted a guide quite recently (though it’s with the full anaconda and git bash)-

That would probably be your easiest route as most online guidance would be based around a set-up at least similar to this.

You can try sticking with cmd but you may have a harder time finding useful documentation. It sounds like the executable wasn’t added to your PATH. Can you locate the miniconda file and run it as an executable?
I believe it’d be under ....\miniconda3\Scripts\conda.exe (where the .... is the rest of the file path to where you installed it).

Perhaps you could alias that .exe and work that way for the simple things. I’ve not tried working with it through that route though; it might mess up the loading of certain activation scripts or otherwise relating to conda (or it might not, never tried).

The conda docs are a good place for this kind of guidance-

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As usual, everything @tgrtim is spot on.

That said, if you’re on Windows, the easiest way to get up and running with conda is through the Anaconda Prompt. As far as I know, Anaconda Prompt is now also included by default with Miniconda on Windows. Just click on the magnifying glass in your toolbar and search for “Anaconda”. It should pop up like so:

Anaconda Prompt is basically just cmd with a batch script that automatically activates conda when opened.

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Getting rusty on windows these days, couldn’t find it immediately so I assumed it wasn’t with miniconda. It does indeed seem to be included with options for both cmd and powershell so that should catch the activation scripts I feated would be missed and is a much better option :+1:

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