Installing Git on a Chromebook

Ok, so I’m really beginner with learning to do web development and programming, and since it was something I wanted to learn and needed a new computer (Mine was really old) I looked at a bunch of reviews and they all said that chromebooks are some of the best for this type of work, problem is I’ve never used a chromebook before and they don’t have install instructions for a chromebook.
Is anyone familiar with chromebooks and how to install programs like Git?

some googling around:

seems to suggest you can use Advanced Packaging Tool (APT), which is standard for linux. This certainly includes git.

chromebooks are really focused on cloud, not much running programs locally. Have you considered a normal laptop and installing linux on it?


A lot of people are getting chromebooks nowadays. That is what I’m on some of the time. Most because it has fast loading with built-in virus protection so I don’t have to wait on downloads.


I did install linux on my old laptop but it got rid of my wi-fi capability (and I can’t figure out how to fix it cuz all the fixes on the forums for my old one didn’t work) and It was still running REALLY slow, hence the new computer. I haven’t used linux since the early 90’s so I’m basically starting all over no matter what I do ):

But how powerful are the chromebooks? Given its nice to have a local development environment. I like jetbrains IDE (like phpstorm and pycharm), but those are very heavy.

@willowdb, so for i researched it, chromebooks are linux based. Linux has come a long way since the early 90’s.


The chromebooks are light. And also for a college student with tight money, it works great.

Another thing I like about it. (this is not an ad)

EDIT: Is it the most practical for coding? Porbably not. But its still good, and has its own benefits.