Installing Git Bash for windows


Hi my name is 2Prak. I have started the computer science course path and have hit a problem. In the computer Science path in Topic 2 Development skills, article on Git and Git Hub. I am using windows 10 operating system and have read the article on continuing with Git and Git Hub and installing Git Bash on windows. I haven’t had Git Bash installed on my windows and cant seem to find instructions on how to install Git Bash for windows anywhere in the article or in any other Git Tutorials. Please can someone give instructions on how to install Git Bash on windows? I cannot complete the rest of Topic 2 Development skills of computer science path. Has anyone else have come across the same problem as I have? The following video in the Topic does not provide instructions as so either. Below i have included a link to the article exercise. Please help me as I wish to complete this course path and understanding everything taught in this path? Thank you


I had the same problem. The article you are referencing is “Getting Started with Git and GitHub.”

For Windows users, this is very confusing:
“This portion of the guide assumes you have already installed a program called Git Bash which allows us access to Git on Windows. If you have not installed Git Bash, please refer to the previous tutorial on Command Line Interface (CLI) Setup and follow the instructions for installing Git Bash on Windows. Once you complete that you can continue with this guide.”

Not sure why they would assume we’ve installed GitBash since we were never asked or instructed in previous tutorials. But thankfully the solution is easy. Just go to:

This will download and install everything you need, including GitBash.

When installation is complete just scroll down to “Try it Out” and everything from there is pretty self-explanatory. I had no problems after.


For a lot of questions the first place to check is google


Thanks for the solution gn18. Without the help I dont think i would be able to find a solution.


thank u ionatan i will do in future.