Installing anaconda for python

Hi im trying to download miniconda for my mac and im getting an error saying “no module named sklearn”, its already in my import statement and i even intalled it previously when setting conda up, even tried individually by pip install sklearn but still nothing works

Where did you install it?
When you get errors like this, it means you didn’t install it in the same place.

More importantly: why are you using both conda and pip to install packages? use one or the other.
From the link above: " Note that in order to avoid potential conflicts with other packages it is strongly recommended to use a virtual environment (venv)or a conda environment."

Takeaway: Conda installs stuff in a conda environment and pip installs things in a python environment.

*Pip works well with virtualenv.

Do the paths match when you do:

which python3


which pip


Also, maybe search the forums for similar answers (?)

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